High Speed Scanning - The DR-2050C delivers quality scans at top speed 20 pages per minute and 38ipm for A4 documents with greyscale images scanned at the same speed as black & white.

Quality Images - The DC-2050C offers top-class image resolution of up to 600dpi binary, greyscale or 24bit colour.



The space-saving DR-2580C is a versatile desktop scanner packed with a host of easy-to-use functions and the latest software technology to deliver exceptional results. Capable of scanning a diverse range of documents thanks to its variety of feed features and a newly introduced sensor support mechanism for thicker items, the DR-2580C packs a lot into a small package.


DR 3080Cll

Key Benefits:

• Compact and powerful
• High speed scanning
iiAutomatic paper thickness, size and alignment
• A host of image-enhancement functions
• A wealth of user-friendly features

DR 5010C

Compact in size, but delivering the very best in performance, the DR-5010C is the latest innovation from Canon - a scanner featuring the newly developed 3-Line sensor system to ensure efficient high-speed, high quality scanning.
Incorporating A3 duplex scanning capabilities with a wide array of new and improved additional features, the DR-5010C is both reliable and versatile - the top of the line, user-friendly solution for all your intensive scanning needs.


DR 7080C

Key Benefits

• Duo-feed modes: flatbed and ADF
• MultiStreamTM and Job Kick features for overall added
• Easy, copier-like operation
• Superb colour reproduction with advanced CCD sensor
• Energy efficient and extremely durable
• Document feeder technology that ranks among the
   best in the industry
• Among the most compact in its breed


DR 9080C

Advanced text enhancement function makes text and numbers more legible against shaded backgrounds which improves image quality

Wrinkled documents do not produce shades on the scanned image due to dual light configuration within the sensor and a platen roller that holds the document firmly against the sensor


DR 7580

Key Features

• Automatic Page Size Detection
• Barcode Settings,Batch Separation
• Count Only mode, Colour Dropout
• Deskew, Double Feed Detection, Error-Diffusion
• Image Rotation,Imprinter Settings
•Paper Thickness,Pre-scan,Gamma Compensation
• Save as searchable PDF files (with OCR)
• Scan Batch to E-mail, Scan Batch to Print
• Scanning Side Selection, Skip Blank Page
• Staple Detection, Text Enhancement
• User Preferences, Endorser .

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